Dog Collar (Arrows)

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Does your dog think global? Do you? Show that off with this trendy WO "Arrows" Dog Collar!

Give your dog a great look and a comfortable feel with this WO adjustable dog collar. Meanwhile, you can know that you are helping globally with your purchase.  With each WO Arrows Dog Collar sold, we'll provide 2 meals for widows and orphans in developing countries. Collars only available at

Features: Arrows design. Fully adjustable. Sturdy plastic clasp.


Small - 5/8" width and 11-16" length. Ideal for Jack Russels, Boston Terriers, Papillons, etc. 

Medium - 3/4" width and 14-20" length. Ideal for Beagels, Corgis, Brittany Spaniels, English Setters, etc.

Large - 1" width and 18-26" length. Ideal for Labrador Retrievers, Standard Poodles, Great Danes, etc. 

Color: Blue, Green, Cranberry, Black and Yellow ... the colors of the Ethiopian flag!

Caution: Not for tie out. Sizing should allow room for 2 fingers to fit between the item and the neck.