You'll Never See Your

Dog Happier.

You'll Never See Your Dog Happier

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Dog toys are made with plastic full of toxic chemicals in uncontrolled facilities overseas. When your dog chews and licks these low-quality toys, they absorb the toxic chemicals. This leads to dental degeneration, stomach/digestion problems, stresses to your dog's body and leads to overshedding.

The WO Disc is designed with play-ability, durability, health, and sustainability in mind. The WO Disc is:

  • Made with a pet-specific thermoplastic material healthy for teeth
  • BPA-free, chemical-free, FDA-Approved
  • Soft, flexible material that will not hurt your dog's mouth
  • Guaranteed durable, Made in the USA

Use your WO Disc to play tug of war, toss, or fetch at the lake (it floats)!

Harsh chemicals in common dog toys cause dental degeneration and have harmful effects on skin and over-shedding, along with many other digestive issues.

Unlike most pet toys which contain toxic chemicals, WO Pet material is BPA-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA approved. This is important when toys come in such close contact with your pet. These toys are made of a pet-specific thermoplastic material.

If your dog tears apart or destroys through this disc within 15 days after delivery just mail it back to be recycled and we will send you a new one! No questions asked.

Each WO product you purchase directly funds two meals for widows and orphans globally. We've partnered with an organization in Ethiopia called Bring Love In.

(BLI) to help feed orphans and widows in their organization, thereby creating a tangible change - daily, globally. These meals in Ethiopia often represent the highest amount of nutrition that these folks get in any given day.

All orders have free standard shipping! We ship same or next day and it will arrive in 2-5 days depending on your location. Most orders arrive in 3 days from date of your order!

So tough, it’s the last dog toy you’ll ever buy

WO Discs and WO Bones are made with unique pet-specific thermoplastic and designed for PLAYability and durability. That means they are both tough enough to withstand the sharpest teeth and strongest mouth, but flexible and soft enough not to damage your dog's teeth or gums.

The WO Disc can be used as a fetch frisbee or durable tug toy and is sure to be your dog's favorite new toy.

Buy WO Disc + Bone Together And Save

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You can "double down" on your dog's delight & your #buyonegivetwo impact with a Bone + Disc dog toy Combo pack!

With a Bone + Disc combo pack, you'll receive one Bone and one Disc and you'll partner with WO to provide 4 home cooked meals for orphaned children and widows in Ethiopia!

Dogs Love Them


"Baxter tears his toys to shreds. I used to buy 4-5 dog toys per month... then I found the WO bone and disc. FINALLY."


"I purchased this for a friend's dog I was dogsitting who was tearing up the house. No more cleaning and he's been entertained for hours."

Matt & Lizzy

"We bought them for all our 3 dogs and they all try to steal them from each other."

For every dog toy you purchase, we donate two meals to widows and orphans in Ethiopia.

We make dog toys. You make the world a better place.