WO Wild update - exciting news!

A few months back, we announced the reveal for the WO Wild Collection, which was so exciting! At that time we were definitely excited, but the completion of the WO Wild project (i.e. having products in stock, available for sale to make the world a better place) seemed much like the little dog in the photo above ... a long ways off!

Since then, we haven't updated you very often, because there hasn't been a ton of exciting news to share ... until now!

WO Wild

So, what has the WO team been up to over the past few months?  


We've been interviewing factories, requesting sewn samples for review (basically, re-productions of the "golden" prototypes from the reveal blog post) ... then, commenting on samples, sending them back for re-do's, tweaks, etc. Now, we are 99% complete with all of that. Phew!


Over the past few months our teams has oversaw a complete overhaul of the website you are currently on ... did you notice that wodesign.com is now supportWO.com?  We think "supportWO" is more indicative of our mission and our purpose as a company.  If you have any specific feedback on the site, please tell us here.

Back to the WO Wild update ... we are happy with the factory we finally chose and we will have our final (fingers crossed) prototype samples back to make the inaugural production run of WO Wild. Once we give the FINAL approval on these last samples, production should take about 4-5 weeks.  Then, WO Wild will be in-stock and available for sale in mid-October.

At this point, we are feeling a little more like the dog in this photo: 

Dog runs across bridge_WO_buyonegivetwo

For now, WO Wild is available for pre-order at a discount of $2 per toy, with orders shipping sometime in mid-October.  Once again and as always, thanks for all of the support from our WO family to bring the WO Wild collection "to life" ... we are almost there!