WO Wild soft dog toys revealed

Hey there WO Family!

We are so happy to show you our completed prototypes today! Don't they look amazing?!? Do you see the name of the product line on the hang tags? Since the toys are all fun animal shapes, we thought the "Wild" name for this product line would be a good fit. 

We just got the prototypes back from our master sewer last week. Now, our next step is to interview some factories and pick our manufacturing partner for the WO Wild product line.

Other next steps include:
 - professional product photos
 - website updates
 - product catalog, including the original WO dog toys (Bone and Disc) that will be called the WO Play line. 

Please send any feedback you have on these to josh@wodesign.com.  And, as always, thanks for your support!

If you'd like to buy any of our current products, remember that you'll fund 2 home cooked meals for orphaned children with each product you purchase.