WO Design + Bring Love In = a win win!

I (Josh, from WO Design) had the fortune of speaking with Bring Love In (BLI) founder Levi Benkert yesterday evening (well, in Montana it was "evening" ... Levi was up early at 6am for the call in Ethiopia).  In addition to being further convinced that WO Design has partnered with the correct organization on the WO|Bone project, I was excited to hear about the great things they are doing in Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia.  A few details ... 

BLI is currently fully supporting 57 orphans in families, connected with widows as "mothers" in their home life (read more here about the "Forever Family" inititiative).  These kids go to school together each day and this is where YOU come in and help with lunches from your WO|Bone purchases.

BLI is currently supporting 400 kids through the Keep One Home program, that aims to help families that are "on the edge" of giving up a child to an orphanage because they simply don't have the means to provide for that child.  You can help support this program for $39/month (details here).

BLI supports 47 staff members, ALL locally in Addis Abbaba.  100% of the funds WO Design sends to BLI are directed toward helping the widows & orphans.  There are ZERO admin dollars held in the USA ... all goes to BLI in Ethiopia.

Interested further? Check out the BLI website and keep track of BLI on Facebook and Twitter.  

AND ... there's still time to place your WO|Bone order and have it arrive for Christmas!  But, you'll need to make sure to place your order by tomorrow (Thursday, 12/18) at 12:00pm MST. You can do that (buy a WO|Bone dog toy and help feed orphans) by clicking here.  Also, you could get a super soft WO|Shirt and you'll feed orphans in Ethiopia with that purchase as well.  

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!

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