WO Design announces the WO|Disc - USA made dog toy that helps orphaned children in Ethiopia

WO Design releases WO|Disc - USA Made Dog Toy Helps Orphaned Children in Ethiopia

Bozeman, MT based WO Design launches their 2nd WO product today (10/20). The WO|Disc is a fresh new concept in the world of flying dog frisbees and tug toys, with unique benefits for canine companions and a compelling social mission.

There are 4.5 million orphans in Ethiopia. What if a new dog frisbee or tug toy could provide 2 home cooked meals for an orphan in Ethiopia? Now it's possible, with the recently announced WO|Disc from WO Design!

The WO|Disc is a fresh new concept in the world of flying dog frisbees and dog tug toys. The WO|Disc is designed with unique benefits to keep your dog happy and keep you engaged globally. Each WO|Disc sold will feed orphaned children in Ethiopia.

The mission of Bozeman, MT based WO Design (sounds like "whoa") is to create, manufacture and sell consumer products that directly help widows + orphans in developing countries. Each WO|Disc sold will fund home cooked lunches for orphaned children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. These meals are often the highest source of nutrition in their day.

WO Design is seeking to extend their partnership with Bring Love In (BLI) and will give funds directly to efforts that create "forever families" by matching widows and orphans in creation of local family units in Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia. Each WO|Disc sold provides funds directly earmarked for meals for orphaned children at BLI in Ethiopia.

"You can help create tangible change globally, by partnering with WO Design, to buy a USA-made dog toy for your favorite furry companion and resultantly, feed orphaned children", states WO Design founder Josh Allen. "When was the last time you bought a dog toy and helped feed an orphan in need?"

Engineered with the proprietary soft and durable WO pet material, the WO|Disc cuts through the air ... and, floats in the lake. The pliable material allows your dog to pick it up from flat surfaces with ease and will not hurt or damage their soft mouth. Additionally, no PVC's or harmful materials for you or your canine are found in WO pet material - it is FDA approved and BPA-free. The WO|Disc is guaranteed durable and it's designed to be recyclable.

Each WO product is designed, produced and packaged in Bozeman, Montana. SO, with each WO|Disc sold ... there is tangible change that happens globally AND jobs provided locally, right here in the USA.

The WO|Disc features the WO signature "divots & bumps" texture that is sure to make this flying dog frisbee your dog's favorite toy around the house or at the dog park. The WO|Disc can be flown for dogs to chase down and retrieve. For dogs that aren't into frisbees or retrieving, the WO|Disc functions to engage dogs in a game of tug. Either way, canines are happy AND orphaned kids half way around the world get warm meals! The size of the WO|Disc is appropriate for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Size: 8" diameter

Colors: Blue, Green, Cranberry, Yellow

The WO|Disc project was also selected as 1 of 50 projects (out of thousands submitted nationally) to be part of the new "Creative Studio", a partnership venture between RocketHub and Ovation TV. More details on Creative Studio, here: rockethub.com/creativestudio.

Learn more about WO Design, it's story and mission at www.wodesign.com or visit the RocketHub campaign page for the WO|Disc at http://bit.ly/wodiscRH.