WO Bone Update #3

Exciting news for today from WO Design!  The mold for the WO|Bone (the big, expensive, critical part to production) is scheduled to arrive at our production facility today!  That's an interior part of the mold in the photo accompanying this post.

What does that mean?  Well, good question!  We have to run a few tests in the mold first, but we should be ready to ship your WO|Bone(s) to you in a few weeks!  Now, there's a chance that the mold will have to return to it's manufacturer for some slight tweaking ... but, we are praying that won't happen.  Either way, you'll be getting your products soon!  

Personally (this is from Josh Allen, WO Design founder), I want to thank you for your patience on this project.  I really thought I would be sending you these products by the end of the summer, but the mold production was delayed much further than I originally thought.  Although this is something that I have no control over, I still feel badly about not delivering on the expected ship date.  So, I will be sending you a little WO Design "schwag" with your WO|Bone that was not originally part of the "package" ... as a bonus, yeah!

Remember, the BEST part about this project is that each WO|Bone purchase you make provides 2 meals for orphans in Ethiopia!