WO Bone Update #2

Hey everyone!  We are writing today to let you know we've made some progress on the WO Bone project!  See that image attached with the 4 different colors?  That is WO Bone material ... pretty cool, huh?!?!

Material & Colors: The first round of material testing and colorant testing has been completed.  We weren't 100% happy with some of the properties of the first material test and we still have a few small tweaks to make to one of the colors.  So, a subsequent material and color testing round is scheduled for 2 weeks from now, the next time our manufacturer has a gap in their production schedule that we can utilize. That should be our final round of material and color testing (fingers crossed).

Packaging: packaging design is 95% done.  We are very excited about the innovative new (recyclable) material we've chosen for the packaging.  For you retailers out there that have partnered with WO Design from the get go - you're gonna love it!

Product Mold Production: this is the biggest hurdle in this project and the last major thing we are waiting on.  Anticipated arrival date of the WO|Bone mold is early September.  At that time, we plan to have all of the material/colorant details figured out and the packaging printed and ready to go so we can "hit the ground running" and get your WO Bone to you asap.

Thanks for reading!  And, thanks for pouring into WO Design and "thinking differently" about how you spend your dollars - YOU are helping create change around the globe (meals for orphans) by your investment/support of WO Design ... thank you!