Small steps to make the world a better place

Some days, like yesterday, you look around the world and see evil, hate and death.

It's sad.

It's scary.

It all feels so daunting and challenging to think about; it can seem easier to just block it out and turn our minds back to our day-to-day. Or, stare at cute pictures of puppies (see image for this post) or videos of cats on youtube :)

But, what if ... what if we could start small and do our own part to make the world a better place each day, a little bit at a time? What if we could take small "micro stands" against evil and poverty and hate and injustice? What if we chose, day by day to take a bunch of "micro stands" for a greater good?

Can you imagine the effect on today's world if we all took a minute-by-minute approach to making conscious decisions for the positive? It can feel daunting ... but, what if?

It can feel like there is nothing you can do to make the world a better place. Nothing you can think of to take your "micro stand". The truth is, we all can ... maybe, we all should? And, it helps to start small. Start by thinking differently about our decisions.  Start by thinking differently about our purchases

With WO, there is a way to make the 3 lives better today ... with each of our products sold, you will feed a warm lunch to 2 orphaned kids AND your dog will get a new toy. 

But, WO is just one example of thinking differently. What if you thought differently about your meal times each day? Most of us have 21 different meal times each week that we could take advantage of. What if you invited a person that seemed lonely to share a meal with you? What if you bought someone else a meal?  

What if you bought someone else some warm clothing for the winter? Or, bought some socks, shoes or coffee that had a greater purpose and magnified your dollars spent to help others? 

Where will you take your "micro stand" today? With your dollars? With your time? With your influence?