How “rich” is the USA?

When you think about the wealth of the United States with respect to the rest of the world, how would you compare it?   It's very eye-opening, really.  Take a look at THIS article which provides a unique perspective on the wealth of the US vs other countries around the globe.

In the article, each state in the United States is overlaid with the name of a country.  The country that is "over" each state is surpassed in wealth by that state.  As an example, Montana's GDP in 2014 was slightly more than $45 billion; the entire country of Ethiopia was $31 billion. 

Side note - Isn't it interesting (more than ironic, in fact) that Ethiopia (the physical site of Bring Love In, our partner on the WO|Bone) is overlaid over Montana?

The creative infographic from the article gets one's mind turning in relation to the wealth we are accustomed to in the US (yes, YOU are most likely "rich" compared to the globe as a whole) versus the rest of our world.  It creates a perspective shift about how lucky we actually are - to have what we have and to enjoy what we enjoy.  It also (hopefully) makes you think about how you spend your money.  What if we sought out companies to spend our money with, on things we would normally spend money on (clothing, shoes, coffee, water, etc)? If that _________ is equal in price and quality to the similar ____________ that you normally purchase, why not spend your money in a way that effects a change in our world?

At WO Design, this is right up our alley ... please join us!