20,000 meals in 2015 ... we need your help!

At WO Design, we've selected a goal for ourselves to provide 20,000 meals for orhpans & widows in 2015.  To do that, we need your help!  Currently, we are applying for a Small Business Grant through FedEx that would allow us to create 1-2 additional dog toys.

Would you hop over to the FedEx grant page and vote for us?  And, would you vote for us a bunch of times?!?! You are allowed to vote one time each day of the contest, per social media account (FB, Twitter, Instagram).  So, log on & vote then log off ... then, repeat!  

Also, please tell your friends and family ... we can't get to 20,000 meals alone ... please help! Click here for the WO Design FedEx Small Business Grant page.

WO Design FedEx Grant Application from Josh Allen on Vimeo.