10,000 Meals Badge

Are you ready for it?!?! We crossed the "10,000 meals" threshold last week and we are SO excited!  Are you?

Have you helped WO help widows & orphans?  If so, please tell everyone you know!

A few weeks ago, we announced our Q1 2016 "Meals Report" and told you that were were very close to 10,000 meals (cumulative) given via WO since our inception in the fall of 2014. Last week, thanks to your help, we crossed the "10,000 Meals" threshold!

Today, we are asking you to help tell the story.

If you've helped WO over the past 18 months or so, please update your social media profile pic to match the image above.  You can download that file (here).  

1) Save the 10,000 Meals file to your computer or camera roll
2) Update your social media profiles with that image
3) When you do that, please use #buyonegivetwo and #WOgives in your post
4) Don't forget to tag WO Design on Facebook (wodesignMT) and Instagram or Twitter (@designforwo) too!