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Interactive dog toys engineered to flex your dog's muscles and mind.

Every time you buy a WO dog toy, 2 nutritional meals are given to orphaned children and widows. #buyonegivetwo

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Made in the USA

Creating jobs in Montana and North Carolina making extremely durable dog toys



Every WO product you purchase provides 2 meals to orphans and widows in Ethiopia



The only impact you'll make is a positive one


Safe Materials

The "other guys" don't, but we use only FDA-Approved, BPA-Free materials  



The Bone and Disc float so they don't get lost during a day at the lake

We've Donated Over 40,000 Meals to Orphans and Widows in Ethiopia. Help us do even more.

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The Best Materials for the Best Dogs.

All of our products are interactive dog toys are Made in the USA using FDA-approved and BPA-free material. No need to worry about your dog getting sick.

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Whoa! I just finished my first fetch session with Maddie (Australian Shepherd) and the WO Disc ... it flies great and even works good for games of tug. Very impressed with this toy and I love the fact that it's Made in the USA. 

Chris R. - Boulder, CO

I helped fund WO Wild toys on Kiva and I'm so excited for them to be available this fall.  What a cool concept from what seems to be a company on the rise!

George O. - Seattle, WA

Grabbed a WO Bone from Dee-O-Gee today as I was heading home for an evening with Maddie my German shorthair. When I got home she was thrilled to be able to chew on her new toy, but she seemed doubly as excited when I told her that her new bone was helping feed orphans and widows across the globe. Thanks WO!

Samuel C. - Bozeman, MT

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What does WO stand for?

W = widow O = orphan We make dog toys. You make the world a better place. Together, we can all make a difference.

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